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  • Publicat el Dimecres, 10 Setembre 2014 10:43

MAGIC SHOW IN ACTION Thanks a lot MAG FRI for your perfomance!!! You brightened the children' s day!!! A+ work!!! Here there are some pics about our special magician's show!!! HOPE YOU LIKE THEM!!!


  • Publicat el Dijous, 24 Juliol 2014 10:45

Some cute puppets made by students! Awesome, aren't they?

Everything is ready for today's PUPPET SHOW: the school, the puppets and even the theatre!!!

Flower Pauher Party

  • Publicat el Dijous, 24 Juliol 2014 10:31

Children have done all these nice signs and cute necklaces.

We enjoyed the day and had fun at the Flower  Power Party!!

Let’s go shopping!

  • Publicat el Dijous, 24 Juliol 2014 10:26

This week is the Shopping Fun Week. We are shop assistants and customers, playing, enjoying and having a great time!